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Piter One - Bandu Samarasinghe's new movie

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Bandu Samarasinghe was amongst the new breed of comedy actors emerged in the mid 1970 decade. Bandu had contributed to Sinhala cinema as an actor, director and a producer for over four decades.

Bandu and Nilanthi Dias
The premier of Bandu’s latest direction Peter ONE was shown at the National Film Corporation recently. The storyline of Peter ONE revolves around a poor singer on the roads (played by Bandu Samarasinghe) who hits the jackpot eventually. Peter makes a living by singing for masses near the railway station. He is denied of residence in the rented house by the thug-type landlord (Ranjit Silva) of his.

The dejected singer roams on roads to see the local postman approaching. Peter in desperation grabs from the postman an invitation card which is being sent by a Millionaire (Lakshman Mendis) to Peter’s ‘mean landlord’. It is an invitation for a plush anniversary party.

Peter the imposter attends the party disguised as a rich man and befriends with Jonty (Rodney Warnakula) the drunkard wine waiter. Peter encounters Shereen (Nilanthi Dias) the beautiful daughter of the host at the venue and falls in love with her. Shereen is approached by Brian, another handsome guy and a love trilogy unfolds on screen. The film is full of comedy and will surely be a treat for the whole family. Peter ONE is Bandu Samarasinghe’s fourth film direction. Bandu introduces his son Kumera and daughter Rasogha to Sinhala cinema with Peter ONE.

“I personally feel Peter ONE includes one of my best performances,” says Bandu.

Bandu and Rodney Warnakula
“It is the most difficult and rhythmical character I played so far which is a combination of serious and comedy acting,” he adds.

In the 70s decade, Bandu has acted in 17 films with Gamini Fonseka. His debut film performance was in Sadahatama Oba Mage produced by Sena Samarasinghe (first cousin of Bandu) and directed by late Milton Jayawardene.

“Fonseka appreciated my talents and taught me how to progress in the sphere,” Bandu reflects.

Music scores of Peter ONE are handled by Jayantha Rathnayake. It is Jayantha’s debut film music direction. Uresha Ravihari’s magical screen voice blends with Rathnayake’s music perfectly. Bandu and Kumera as male singers showcase their versatility in singing in the film.

The script is written by Gayan Mahagalage, in line with a concept by Bandu. The camera is handled by Ruwan Costa. Teddy Vidyalankara has crafted exciting fight scenes in the film.

Cast includes Bandu Samarasinghe, Nilanthi Dias, Kumera Samarasinghe, Rasogha Samarasinghe, Rodney Warnakula, Veena jayakody, Manel Wanaguru, Lakshman Mendis, Sarath Kulanga, Tyron Michael, Vipula Wanniarachchi, Ranjit Silva, Susil Perea and many others. Sunil Perera (Gypsies) makes a guest appearance in the film.

Peter ONE, co-produced by Swarna Samarasinghe and Akmal Wickramanayake is scheduled to hit the cinemas this year.


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