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Popular actress Nehara Pieris and Actor Menaka Rajapaksha revealed their Love story to media first time.

There was a rumour about a relationship between Menaka and Nehara peiris but both say it is a very close friendship and nothing beyond that. However both were seen together at various public places and at various functions where Tele drama actors participated.

Nehara previously married to Nimal perera and devorced from him. There was a budding romance between Nehara and Menaka after Nehara’s split from her husband Nirmal Perera but she refused it.

Nirmal, being a professional IT guy, had handled Nehara’s campaign for the most popular actress award.

Chrihashni Nehara Canishia Pieris, better known as Nehara Pieris, became popular for her performances in teledramas ‘Ruwan Maliga’, and ‘Amanda’.

Many know her as 'Muthu Kirilli' following her impressive performance in the 'Tele Drama' Muthu Kirilli.

She was named most Popular Actress thrice at Sumathi and Raigam Tele awards.

Menaka Rajapaksa to separate from his wife Virangani  last year.  Menaka and Virangi has a daughter from their marriage but after Menaka started relationship with Nehara he filed the devorce.

Devorce is granted but All expenses of his daughter has to be paid by Menaka. Menaka also should allow his former wife Virangani to take full responsibility of looking after the daughter and total care of the daughter would be in the hands of Virangani without Menak’s interference.

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